Our services

We understand that it can be difficult for you to accept you may need some extra support to stay at home. We are here to help you to remain living in your home happily, safely and independently… and most importantly the way you want to!

We provide care and support in the home to people with different health and medical conditions, including frailty, dementia and Alzheimer’s, a terminal illness and people who have suffered a stroke.

We are flexible in how much help you require and for how long.  The minimum length of time for a visit from us is 30 minutes.  The amount of support you need, and how often you need it, is your decision.

To find out more about how we can help tailor a personal homecare package the way you want it, when you want it, please contact Caring Hands on 01489 582926 or email us at enquiries@caringhandsds.co.uk.