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Overnight Care at Home – Hampshire

Peace of mind of overnight care

Night times can sometimes be a worry as you get older. You may have just come out of hospital and are disorientated when you wake up during the night. You may live with family, but they are going away for a few days and want reassurance that you are not alone at night. Or you may have recently had a change in medication, which is taking a while to adjust to. Whatever your reason, Caring Hands can provide overnight care to help ensure your safety and comfort during the night. This overnight support by our experienced team gives you and your family peace of mind, knowing someone is there to help you if needed.

We provide two types of overnight care

Awake overnight care

If you require frequent attention during the night then our awake overnight service will be most suited to your needs. Our experienced Care Workers can help you at any time during the night with personal care, toileting, support with medication, preparing drinks and assisting you with your general comfort.

Sleeping overnight care

You may mostly sleep throughout the night, but just want that added reassurance that someone is on hand if you needed them. Then our sleeping overnight service will be most suited to your needs. You will need to provide our Care Worker with their own bed. Your Care Worker will be able to support you up to twice during the night.

To find out more about how we can give you peace of mind overnight please contact Caring Hands on 01489 582926 or email us at enquiries@caringhandsds.co.uk.