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Elderly Companion Services

Accompanied Trips for the Elderly in Southern Hampshire

Growing older can sometimes be a very lonely experience. Quite often we don’t have the close network of family and friends living nearby, that we used to have. You may no longer be able to drive or be confident in going out by yourself. Caring Hands are able to offer you companionship visits and accompanied trips out, giving you emotional and social support, whilst at the same time promoting your well-being, self-confidence and independence.

Our elderly companion service visits tend to be longer in duration, anything from two hours to all day. It may be you just want one of our team to keep you company at home, sitting together reminiscing about the past, looking at old photos or doing a jigsaw together, simple things to keep the mind active. During these visits we can also support you in paying bills, arranging appointments, doing some light housework, writing shopping lists and ordering your food shopping on-line.

We can also take you out, supporting you in the local community and making sure you stay safe.

You may want us to accompany you on trips to:

  • Buy food shopping
  • The local shopping centre
  • The beach for an ice cream… always a favourite with many of our Clients!
  • Help you continue to take part in local clubs
  • Appointments, such as to the hospital
  • Visit neighbours and friends
  • Tourist attractions
  • Attend plays or concerts

We have a small team of experienced staff that love being with our Clients during these companionship visits and accompanied trips out, as it gives them the opportunity to support you in taking part in the daily social activities that most of us take for granted. It enables them to spend quality time with you, without ever feeling rushed, talking about whatever you both feel like talking about and doing whatever you feel like doing. Quite often our dedicated team member will turn up at your house, ask what you fancy doing and then take it from there, meaning each visit is different.

You do not have to be receiving any other care and support from us in order to be able to have a companionship visit or accompanied trip out. We are more than happy to provide you with just one companionship visit a week, on a day and at a time that you want. Our visits will always give you something to look forward to, helping to reduce the feeling of loneliness.

Please let us know how you would like us to keep you company and active by contacting Caring Hands to on 01489 582926 or email us at enquiries@caringhandsds.co.uk.