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What makes an excellent Care Worker?

Being a Care Worker is a recognised profession, not just a job and it is not for everyone. It takes a certain type of individual to be a Care Worker, requiring a vast range of values and skills. Above all, you need to show compassion and kindness and have a genuine desire to care and support elderly and vulnerable people to remain independent and safe in their own home. If you have these values we can train you in the skills required to be an excellent Care Worker.

We are always looking for people to join our team, whether you already have experience of providing care in a similar setting or are looking for a career change and feel you have the values to be a Care Worker.

Please read our Care Worker Person Specification and Job Description to find out more about the role.  We are not expecting you to have the qualifications, experience or knowledge straight away as we will train you in the skills required. You are welcome to call us to find out more.

We are able to offer you:

  • Full induction training and support programme when you first join us
  • A qualification support programme
  • Continuous programme of professional and personal development
  • Career progression
  • Flexible hours
To apply for the post of Care Worker please complete our online application form.

If you’d rather not complete our online application form please either:

  1. Download the PDF application form, complete it, then email or post it to us
  2. Click here to request an application pack be sent to you by post
  3. Call us on 01489 582926 to request an application pack

What checks do we carry out when recruiting home care staff?

Person Specification – Care Worker

Download the PDF Version


  • Diploma in Health and Social Care (or equivalent e.g. NVQ2)


  • Experience of providing high standards of care provision
  • Experience of meeting the needs and support of Clients
  • Experience of fostering professional relationships with customers


  • Sound understanding of good care principles
  • Understanding of regulations and legislation within the domiciliary care profession
  • Understanding of safeguarding adults at risk


  • Strives to reach the highest standards in customer service
  • Communicates effectively, both verbally and non verbally
  • Compassionate, patient and empathetic
  • Flexible and approachable with a positive attitude, even under pressure
  • Self motivated
  • Deals with emergencies and difficult situations
  • Records with accuracy and detail
  • Works on own initiative
  • Team player
  • Commitment to own professional and personal development

How to Apply

Job Description – Care Worker

Download the PDF Version

REPORTING TO: Line Manager and Management Team


  • Flexible, depending on the needs of the business
  • 16 – 40 hours per week


  • To look after the physical, emotional, cultural and social needs of the Clients using a person centred approach
  • To observe and promote the Client’s choice, independence, dignity, privacy, fulfilment and other rights
  • To create and maintain good professional relationships with Clients, their family and friends and other stakeholders
  • To actively support other Care Workers
  • To adhere to all regulatory and statutory obligations and Caring Hand’s policies, procedures and guidelines
  • To actively market Caring Hands and promote a positive, personal and professional profile, ensuring the good reputation of Caring Hands at all times


Care provision

  • To provide personal care and support to Clients with a wide range of needs, illnesses and disabilities
  • To know and understand the care and support of the Client
  • To undertake the tasks detailed in the Client’s care and support plan using a person centred approach and in the least intrusive way
  • To encourage the independence and motivation of the Client and not foster dependent behaviour
  • To provide input into the care and support plans of Clients by regularly feeding back to the Field Care Supervisor
  • To assist Clients getting up in the morning and going to bed at night
  • To assist Clients to wash, bath and shower
  • To assist Clients to dress and undress
  • To assist Clients to look after their skin, teeth, hair and nails
  • To assist Clients with toileting, continence management and personal hygiene
  • To assist Clients with their medication at the agreed level of support and as detailed in their Medication Care Needs Assessment
  • To prepare food and drink for the Client, being aware of the Client’s choice, likes/dislikes, nutritional needs and cultural requirements
  • To provide light general household domestic duties, including housework and laundry, as detailed in the care plan or instructed by Management
  • To use manual handling equipment safely and correctly
  • To take responsibility for the safe handling of property and equipment belonging to the Client
  • To maintain good communication and develop effective working relationships with Clients
  • To provide companionship to the Client, actively talking and listening to them about their interests
  • To help the Client to maintain contact with their family and friends
  • To accompany the Client on trips into the community
  • To assist the Client to manage their personal affairs
  • To ensure as safe as possible the living environment for the Client, whilst respecting the Client’s choice and rights

Recording and Reporting

  • To maintain detailed accurate records in respect of care and medication support given and tasks undertaken
  • To regularly read care and support plans, acknowledging changes
  • To protect the confidentiality of allinformation relating to the Client and not divulgeinformation to anyone who is not authorised to receive it
  • To promptly report to the office or Out of Hours Care Coordinator any issues concerning the care, support, well being or behaviour of the Client and update records accordingly
  • To continue to monitor where concerns have been reported and recorded
  • To recognise the signs of abuse and immediately report abuse or suspected abuse to a Manager
  • To report any complaints to the office or Out of Hours Care Coordinator
  • To contact the office or Out of Hours Care Coordinator if running late


  • To dress appropriately, wearing uniform and using personal protective equipment provided by Caring Hands
  • To seek out best practice and look at innovative ways to improve the quality and efficiency of service delivery
  • To attend and participate in regular Care Worker team meetings and any other relevant meetings
  • To attend in house and external training pertinent to the role of Care Worker
  • To ensure completed weekly timesheets are submitted on time
  • To observe all health & safety rules and take reasonable care to promote health and safety of self and others and raise any concerns to the Field Care Supervisor
  • To aim to ensure everyone has equal treatment and equal access to services and employment
  • Any other duties requested by Senior Management, which are within the scope of the post

Special conditions attached to post

  • Flexible working, as evening and week end work is required
  • Own transport

Careers Online Application Form

Please complete and submit the Caring Hands careers application form below, providing as many details as possible to enable us to process your application effectively. If you’d rather not apply online, please either:

  1. Download the PDF application form, complete it, then email or post it to us
  2. Click here to request an application pack be sent to you by post
  3. Call us on 01489 582926 to request an application pack

* denotes a required field

*Position Applied For:

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* Title:

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* School 1:

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Please commence with most recent employer & explain any gaps in employment. Within each box, please include the Employer's name and address, job title, employment dates, salary and reason for leaving.

Details of Employer 1:

Details of Employer 2:

Details of Employer 3:


Provide the names and addresses of 3 people whom we may obtain both work experience and character references, stating their position within the organisation. We reserve the right to contact past employers. One must be your present or most recent employer. You must not name a relative as a referee.

Name and Address for Reference 1 stating their position in the company:

Name and Address for Reference 2 stating their position in the company:

Name and Address for Reference 3 stating their position in the company:


Is there anything we need to know in order to offer you a fair selection interview? For example, do you need a signer or interpreter or require an accessible interview room?


Please note any sports, hobbies, pastimes etc.


Please set out below the principal reason for your application and highlight main achievements to date and the strengths you would bring to this post.


The provisions relating to the non-disclosure of criminal convictions do not apply to the position you are applying for. You must therefore disclose any criminal convictions and cautions, even if, under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, they would otherwise be regarded as spent.

*Have you been convicted of a criminal offence and / or received a caution at any time. Yes or No?:

If yes, please give details of the conviction(s)/caution(s) and the date(s) below:

DBS CHECK (formerly CRB)

I understand that any offer of employment will be subject to a satisfactory enhanced DBS check being carried out by the Company or being produced by me. If the Company have to apply for a DBS check, I agree to pay the fee for the required disclosure, either by cheque or deducted from my first two pay periods. I accept that the Company reserves the right to recover this sum from me in the event that I choose not to accept an offer of employment made to me. This may include taking legal action.


(Please read this carefully before submitting this application form)

The information you have provided in completing this application form will be used to process your application for employment. The Company will keep the information you have supplied confidential and will not divulge it to third parties, except where required by law, or where we have retained the services of a third party representative to act on your/our behalf.


I have read the Data Protection notification and understand and agree to the use of my personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


I confirm that I am legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom and if interviewed will produce one of the following documents from the list below:

• a UK passport
• an EU passport or national identity card
• a UK residence permit issued by the Home Office
• an application registration card issued by the Home Office to an asylum seeker stating that the holder is permitted to take up employment*

Or two from the following:

• an official document bearing a national insurance number along with:-
- a birth certificate, or
- a letter from the Home Office, or
- an immigration status document

• a work permit*, along with:-
- a passport, or
- a letter from the Home Office*

In either case, these must confirm the holder has permission to enter or remain in the UK and legally undertake the employment which is the subject of this application (marked with *).


I confirm that the above information is correct and that any false or misleading information will give the Company the right to terminate any employment contract offered.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help.